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Mold growth can cause safety and health problems including but not limited to: allergic
reactions, respiratory complications, asthma episodes, sinus congestion, irritations of the eye, nose and throat, and in extreme cases, brain damage or death. If you suspect your property has a mold issue, you need to have it inspected immediately to best determine the appropriate mitigation. Mold needs only moisture and a food source like paper, glue, or wood to grow unchallenged. Even a humid basement without any leaks can allow for mold growth. Don’t take chances with your or your family’s health. Call us today to get your house inspected.

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MOLD: This little, four letter word can strike fear in the hearts of any property owner. However, mold problems do not necessarily mean the end of the world. Our skilled mold specialists offer complete mold remediation services which mean we can assist in eliminating your properties mold problems. Yes, mold is a serious issue, but our mold removal specialists work with you and your insurance company to completely clean up the situation. Let us help you make the mold removal process in your home or business simple cost effective, and hassle-free. If you are looking to remove mold damage, you have found the right company to help with the process.
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Your Mold Damage Experts

While some mold growth at your property or office may be apparent, not all molds are as easy to detect. Musty smells and visible mold growth are some of the more obvious signs that your home or business may have a mold issue, but did you know mold can also exist inside walls, in the air and in hard to spot nooks and crannies? This is exactly why our mold damage experts are pleased to offer complete mold testing and check-up services.

Our technicians will test your property for mold growth with all the latest tools and techniques, accurately determining what, if any, kind of mold problems your property may have. Based on the results of your test, our mold removal technicians will work to formulate a mold elimination plan that is customized for your property and your specific mold issues. Although DIY kits are offered, we highly recommend using a professional mold testing service for the most accurate results. For top of the line testing products and removal services, Zen Dry is a top mold removal company that is here to support you. Contact Zen Dry by phone or email to schedule mold testing service at your home or business.

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