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Commercial Flood Cleanup Atlanta

Commercial Flood Cleanup Atlanta


Floodwater can cause devastating damage to property if not taken care of early. However, there are many risks of DIY commercial water damage restoration.  Rising water cleanup services in Atlanta make it difficult to determine the best flood remediation option for you. On the other hand, the cost of DIY flood cleanup can be extremely high in the end. Failure to hire a water damage restoration expert can cause more harm than good. Some of the reasons why you should not attempt DIY commercial water damage and flood remediation include:

  • It is risky to your health
  • It requires skill that only professionals may have
  • It requires specialized equipment
  • Makes it hard to claim insurance
  • It is expensive in the long-run

Health Risk

Many people do DIY flood remediation without the necessary safety gear. Failure to wear a protective suit for flood remediation can expose you to electrical hazards. Chemical reactions in water may release toxic fumes to the surrounding environment, which can be harmful to humans. Floodwater may contain sewage water, chemicals, and other toxic substances that may be harmful to your health.


Structural hazards are another risk of DIY commercial flooding and storm cleanup restoration. Floodwater destroys the integrity of structures, making them weak. These structures can collapse at any moment and cause injuries. 

Another danger in floodwater is deadly insects and animals lurking in it. Vermin like snakes, stinging insects, and infected rodents may cause bodily harm. You need to be aware of all the dangers in floodwater if you attempt DIY flood remediation. Hiring an expert may be the best way to get quality flood remediation without risking exposure to dangerous floodwater hazards.

The Job Requires Skill

It takes a trained professional to provide commercial water damage and flood damage remediation. Trained experts have the experience to work faster and salvage property from floodwater. Usually, it should take less than 24 hours to clean up and restore a home from flooding. The longer a flood cleanup job takes, the more your property risks mold growth and rot.

Remediation Requires the Right Equipment

Professionals such as Zen Dry Restoration have the necessary tools and equipment for flood remediation. The equipment enables professionals to provide quality and safe flood remediation. Many homeowners may not have the equipment for flood remediation. Therefore, attempting DIY flood remediation may be a bad idea without the necessary equipment and gear. The technicians at Zen Dry Restoration Besides are equipped with advanced equipment to detect residual water and moisture in structures. They also have safety gear to protect them against dangerous elements in a flooded home.

May Affect Insurance Claim

It may be difficult to claim your insurance money after flood damage without professional help. You will be required to provide a detailed report of repairs done to restore the home when filing for an insurance claim. An Atlanta GA commercial property water damage restoration company provides detailed reports for flood restoration, which you can use to file for your insurance claim.

It Is Expensive In the Long Run

DIY flood remediation can slow down the entire restoration process. You risk doing a substandard flood restoration job if you decide to do the job on your own instead of hiring a professional commercial flood cleanup Atlanta company.  Floodwater needs to be drained immediately to prevent further damage to your property. Failure to hire a professional may lead to property loss and health risks. You may end up spending more on property restoration and healthcare costs by attempting a DIY flood restoration.

It is advisable to hire a commercial flood cleanup Atlanta company to provide flood remediation. Contact Zen Dry Restoration at 678-468-3435 for a free inspection and or quotation.

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Commercial Flood Cleanup Atlanta Commercial Flood Cleanup Atlanta
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